Celebrate your Traditions!

For 8 years I had an only child a darling boy that I still adore. Christmas meant boy themed decorations. My tree had Power Rangers, Batman, Superman, every action hero you could ever think a boy wanted. For 13 years it has grown and changed, Star Wars, Fairly Odd Parents, Sponge Bob and so forth. The only thing that remains a constant are the little soldiers...my nutcracker collection that started on his first Christmas. This Sizzix die was CALLING my name. I decided to do another card just because you need to celebrate your traditions, keep close what is in your heart, one day my teenager will be a fully grown man with a family of his own and God knows how many nutcracker I will have collected by then...all for his new little family to keep.

Be yourself!

There's plenty to share, this is St. Mathew's Parrish, built in 1773, National Monument. My son had a school project on the parrish, we learned so much and he was honored by helping during mass reading the second lecture.
Miss M had the pony's with dad. And I had a blast as a witch in Halloween, look real close and you'll see the feathers in my lashes. Here's this week's take on Kazan's sketch. Great message for all of us: Be yourself everyone else is already taken!
Have an awesome week


November Page Maps

My Halloween was spooktacular!!! Filled with the best of friends. We had a perfect start with the kids helping me to make breakfast. No more sugar rush and while we played a match of Blokus we searched for November Page Maps. Here's my work for this month.