Happy Sunday! I just got back from Utah and I found there this weeks theme at Our Beautiful World: Time!
This clock has been on the St since pioneer time in the 1800's  when its movement was done by water, how awesome is that!

We hope you can share with us your time all around the world @



Happy Birthday Myriam!

I know we are far form the 12th already but my BFF was celebrating in New York so I had to wait until today to give her present.  Some details!
a small canvas circle, perfect to fit this cute fashionista!

after inking

fit for its bezel

ready to paint!

and of course it needed to be sealed so she can wash her hands if she has to!

I hope you enjoyed this jewelry making session as much as she did wearing hers!
♥ u girl!



Mixing it up, Bloom Girls Sharon + Gardenia!

Hi! I admit it I'm obsessed...I wanted to play with the big girls and now I have them so what's a girl to do.  This is my third step by step, don't forget to come visit my other  2 new tutorials!
Today I am sharing a journal page for the first time, it's kinda on the exaggerated side since the size of it is 
21"x12" so I can't drag it everywhere but I do enjoy doodling and playing in it because of its size!
 Today I decided to play with my dearest friends over at CCCB where Anna is hosting a chipboard challenge.  I know I never shared a canvas I made with the first Bloom Girls but I had fashioned her with cb earrings.  You see we puertorricans girls are very into our jewelry, we just plain LOVE it, you hear ♥♥♥ it!!!
So I decided I would fashion cb jewelry again.

here's my jewelry, finished of course with pearls and just a touch of Inka gold!

 it looks ravishing on her I say!
 see isn't it sweet over her roses dress?
 and I just love that it goes off the page, I am thinking maybe she can be a sketch and I can do her for reals on a canvas...she would look really pretty on a wall!
a fantastic quote chosen by Tusia over at Scrap Around the World

And "quenepas" are in season!!!!!!!! yummy, yummy, waiting a whole year to eat them!!!!
the mood board again!
I took inspiration from the quote and the colors
I hope you enjoyed it and thanks again for visiting!



Woodlands OBW

Hi everyone, happy Sunday to you wherever you are, today's word at OBW is brought to you by Ros an it is woodland.
I'd thought about doing a different take about it, since mangrove forests in my view qualifies as woodlands!
Every Spring we head over to the South  West of the island off shore the town of Guánica to a small cay named Aurora, known by the locals as Gilligan's Island.  This small cay is covered almost to its entirety on mangroves, the grab on even to the shore as they are able to breath under water, lucky them!
I always marvel at their magnificent roots, at their "breather straw like roots" and their capacity to adapt and live in truly harsh {and salty} conditions.

This photo is part of my pieces on Google Earth , you can check my site at Panoramio, it is also one of the pieces chosen by the Puerto Rico Tourism company for their Gallery in Old San Juan
As you can see there's no sea shore here only channels where you can blissfully kayak and snorkel, it is amazingly beautiful to spend a day here!
Hope your travels one day take you up to my beautiful shores, 'til then




Hi everybody! As you last week was Miss M's Birthday the big 10 and we had some fun spending the day on Palomino island.  (where they have filmed Pirates of the Caribbean) so it's classy Caribbean the tones of turquoise in the water and the powdery sand., The pic came out so classy I had to scrap it, turns out OUAS has their July challenge based on numbers, so there I am using her 10 as my base!

I know this is intense blues all around and hopefully it will make you want to go to the beach ;)

I used some BF chippies that I distressed with gold glitter, real and Prima shells

A Teresa Collins anchor , again in gold

Ok I want to go to the water...

some enamel dots

and my journaling, mimicking the script on the Maja paper
so here's the sketch I used
Thanks as always for your visit and your nice comments!


I also wanted to share a link to Creativa TV where my friend Lydibel interviewed Teresa Collins, while she was visiting
 Puerto Rico!


Part of USA, CSI 130

Happy 4th of July to all of you celebrating in the States!
This week we have a patriotic case over at CSI to celebrate our countries
I decided to make a page about how being a part of USA is part of our everyday lives.

we share the same passport, currency, postal service, military service, even our sons register in the selective service the minute they turn 18, our forests are part of the US Park and Rec !
For my evidence I used
  • stars
  • paint (for my background)
  • splatters (with my gelatos)
  • flags ( on my photo)
TESTIMONY I wrote about a patriotic holiday
July is a big patriotic month, on the 4th we celebrate the Independence Day and on the 25th our Constitution.
Here's a pic of Our Constitution on our Capitol Building
Constitucion PR.JPG
as you can see we boast both flags with immense pride
my photos on the page are from a recent visit to El Morro Fort, where we have our flags and the one from the Spanish Emporium, they are flying in front of the lighthouse, the first one built in the island in 1846
Here's another view of my flag photo on the LO

Here's the case

I hope you enjoy the long weekend! Awesome to have you here, don't forget to play this week over at CSI!

I am sorry I posted this so late I have been sick all week and bed ridden the weekend, totally missed the fire works...



Today my daughter leaves the single digits, my little ray of sunshine turns 10! How I adore my baby girl who fill our lives with so much joy.  Here she is in all her happiness!
I used the Scrap Around the World palette for July, which I think was perfect for the way she was dressed.
I took inspiration from the bright pink, the aqua, the pleated lamp, script words and the clear glass bottles, pretty much a bit of every square of that delicious mood board!
Some details for you

I washed some yummy gelatos on the page, sprinkled the love with some sequins

used the new kraft tags by Heidi Swapp

her new stencil as well, 

some yummy Crate Paper, Studio Calico

the new music stamp by HS

sprinkled some gold glitter, some Prima Blooms and a wee bit of gold sprays

Hope you have enjoyed my interpretation of this beautiful mood board by Tusia
And as always thanks for visiting!


Loved, CSI 129

Hi everyone a new case is up at CSI you have till the 6 to complete the case, here's my take
and the details
for my evidence I used a pom pom trim, chevrons, 
I shook glitter on my page and metal embellie

silver metal, that Maya Road ballerina was painted and embossed 
I also used flowers

for my testimony I used the inspiration word bright and wrote about how she shined bright like a diamond in the spotlight.  I truly loved the effect of the spotlight on the photo and chose B&W for the drama it evoked
Here's the gorgeous case
hope to see you in the gallery!