Wake Up

Good morning everyone!!!! It is time for a new adventure!
 our--beautiful--world-- blog just woke up and we want you to play!!!
Week 1 Waking up
I live in the eastern part of Puerto Rico, in the Caribbean Ocean, where the sun rises in the morning.  Being in this area means you wake up earlier than most islanders since the sun reaches you first, LOL.  But we get to have the most beautiful way to begin the day as the sun peeks for the first time!
not yet...

first blush

first peek and then it goes so fast....

Mr Sun is out!
I have to share I use a DSRL camera in manual mode to get the true hues. I am an amateur so I just go by what the meter reads and then click.   I don't know how to use photoshop.  Some times I just spend a lot of time in the composition and end up liking it the way it is like the ones I shared from the fores recently in this post.   Some of those photos were also taken in manual mode and I had to improvise a tripod with whatever was at hand, sometimes this will be provided by a road safety rail.  So go out there, see it through your eyes and click. I am sure you won't be dissapointed with the results.  I will try to start writing down the ISO and apertures or times I leave the lens exposed to share them with you.
But you don't need a complicated camera, we just want you to share the world with us!
Take a photo of what "waking up" means to you. Then join us in the linky party and link up your photo.
We would love to see what waking up means to people around the globe. Do you have a daily routine? Walk the dog or go for a morning walk without dog? Read the newspaper? Jog? Hurry to get ready? Or take the time to enjoy the sunrise? Do you love the waking up of the world around you? Or are you hard to get out of bed?

It's not about who-does-best and it's not a challenge either. It's about sharing with, learning from and inspiring each other!

My husband kept saying why you didn't send coffee...that is my routine, what he doesn't know still is that to me that first peek of the sun is my wake up call for the day, regardless of day of the week.  You know that we have taken the car and drove to the other side of the island 4 hours away just to see a proper sunset in the west?  That's how crazy sun lovers we are!!! Will probably share those red, fire , blazing sun photos later!! Now go over and take your photos and share the world through your eyes with us!!!

I am trying to make this work....
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More beautiful every day

I swear she is getting more and more beautiful everyday... her birthday is only days away now and I keep making things for her.  Yesterday we sat to play with the Prima dolls, and we were making dresses for them, headbands and the works.  She made a gorgeous one and drew her some killer socks, she is a little artist and I couldn't be more prouder.
She also drew my dolls face how could I not let her...
My skirt and shirt were inspired by Charlene's quilt challenge over at CCCB
you have no idea how hard was to work this on the tiniest scale, but I loved the effect and so I am sharing it with you today!
Thanks ladies for picking my entry!!!!
Spotlight Artist Badge
I am using Echo Park Beautiful Life for the PP's
check out those tiny stitches in my quilting!!!

hard to photograph in this gloomy weather, but it is not looking any better for the next 4 days so it is what it is...

So this is the finished tag, I hope you like it and try to do one of your own!
and here's the inspiration photo
Remeber there's only 3 more days for our new blog to go live
Can't wait to see you there sharing with us this AMAZING journey




B is for books I'm reading

It's summer time and my endless reading season is in full blast, I can check on the finished
Inferno by Dan Brown
The Racketeer by John Grisham
Beautiful Chaos by Kami Garcia and Stohl
and just started reading Revenge wears Prada, all in all a very fulfilling couple of nights!
I had fun working the sketch made by Em from Pagedrafts for Paper Stories June Challenge
I used the CCG palette as it was very summery and happy
here's the palette
and here's the sketch

Thanks for stopping by I keep praying for sun to no avail...

Beautiful Creature

The other day while browsing at a store I found a book called "Beautiful Chaos" .  The calligraphy was so stunning I purchased the book just to look at it.  I started reading and little did I know it was a series of books, that a movie had been about since 2-13-13 and such.
This cat of mine, the subject of my page is a beautiful creature, what you don't know is that he wasn't that pretty in the beggining.  He just had the coolest personality in his favor and those sweet green eyes.  You see this was a homeless kitten, like all members of my animal family, he found a way to our heart by his purring.  He was totally hairless, so mangy it took him 3 months at the vets office to recuperate.  Luckily the vet is my DH plus we needed to shelter the other members of our family until he was better.  He started growing this gorgeous looong hair.  We could not believe our luck, first the personality and then the glorious long hair.  Of course I think it was our prize for rescuing him from the streets...so I present you Cobito, Cobis, Cobi he respond to all those name, the meaning of his name is hermit crab, as he was found at the beach and my DD named him.
This is a BE BOLD challenge, so I have used the fabulous calligraphy of the Beautiful Creatures!
he is straight out of Cat Fancy!!!
My journaling reads as a catalog
Up for adoption
small kitten
beautiful eyes, no hair
no hair, all mangy
great personality

then I wrote
now look at you,
the envy of cat lovers anywhere,
awesome personality

I used a sketch by Em Stafrace from pagedrafts and  for the colors CSI case file 77 
So good to have you on this fine, rainy day...
One last thing I am SUPER EXCITED to share I have been invited as a DT member of a
 photography blog that will go live the 30th of June 1 , you can find the link underneath the photo, here's the awesome line up of girls I get to work with from
Around the World!!!
 We are beggining this fabulous adventure and would love for you to follow us!!!




Let's visit El Yunque

Hi everyone, again, a very inspired Monday I tell you...

this beautiful cup of tea at scrapfriends sure has me inspired
My sons Boy Scout troop is in charge of one of the trails at El Yunque National Forest and they mantain it once a month.  After leaving him there I took some time to photograph, it was a beautiful summer morning and with all the rain lately the waterfalls were nothing short of spectacular!


Believe me when I tell you I didn't want to go to work...
I loved that bit of PP paper with the "let's visit" quote so I used it as my starting point
 for my title work
Gorillas in the mist!!! the mountains were capped with a beautiful veil of fog!
I fuzzy cut that hand as we must protect our beautiful forests wherever they are for the future generations! I also fuzzy cut the paper to create a lace paper!
can you spot the bird? I found him by listening to his singing!

beautiful, gigantic tree ferns....

I used an envelope to contain my journaling and a 25 cents coin made in honor of our forest!!
El Yunque America the Beautiful QuarterIn the coin you can see Puerto Rico's Amazona  vittata the puertorrican parrot to your right and to your left our endemic coqui  Eleutherodactylus portoricensis a tiny frog that sings at night co-keee
Coquí comúnIf you click on the frog there's a link that will take you to coquiPR.com and there is a recording so you can actually listen to it!

So perfect for the contain it challenge at Webster's.  I used this sketch as a starting point.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting the forest with me!!!!

Happy Birthday

Happy Monday everyone, it's still cloudy in paradise :(
not a sunny day in sight and it's starting to get into me, it's suposed to be summer you know!
I am playing today with this sketch from Cardabilities and the neon colors from
lets get trendy now.  Since I was going to use neon I wanted small doses and their clean sketch was perfect to use the neon washi tapes Heidi Swapp made a while ago.
I accentuated it with a Webster's sequin dot and some neon thread in hot pink
the sentiment is Kaisercraft, perfect for a little girl who's going to be nine in a couple more days!!!
and the mat is her favorite hue of green

I couldn'r resist cutting a corner in hot orange for neon's sake, LOL
here's the super sketch Karan made
so that make's the fifth  and last challenge at LGTN!!!!!
here are all five entries
neon, stitching, textured layers,
sequins and handmade embellishments!
Thanks so much for stopping by, I sure love the company!



I wanted to work the stitching challenge @ lets get trendy now
I used this weeks palette at CSI they fit my photos so well.  Last Sunday we went to visit my mom and pretty close to her house is this open fruit market.  One of those places that stand the test of time and where you are sure to find locally grown vegetables and fruits, yummy!
 I worked some layers and textures
I penciled my circles and went over them with my piercer, then I backstitch some yellow twine for more interest to frame both photos .

I also did some more fuzzy cutting on the Webster's ;)
Here she is asking dad a ton of questions, Miss Curiosity in the flesh

I fuzzy cut some numebrs to add in terest to my title, it is the actual date!
here's the palette & sketch
I flipped the sketch to suit my needs, since I had a vertical photo
hope you get to play and go ck out the stitching challenge @ Get Trendy!!!