Three for boys one for a little girl

I guess I am in the mood for boys! Kazan's gorgeous sketch "Radical" and for Hanneke's I used my Nestabilities to create the card. I got carried away with the design and made a baby's plaque.
Could not forget my little one "UR" LO for all the things she is...stunning, lovely, radiant...the list can be longer than 10!
Last but not least:
Thanful for:
My Family, they are the world to me
Our health
Our home
My friends, always there for me!
Our jobs
May you all have a wonderful and warm time sharing with your loved ones this coming Thursday.
Happy Thanksgiving


Para un bebé especial

Esperamos un bebe entre nosotros, esto es para Federico!
Cumpleaños de Spanish Memories, utilizando Atleta, Familia y cumpleaños para el challenge de Kristen.
Y una tarjeta de viaje...


Tarjeta para Laura y Puerto Rico

Here's the card for Laura's sketch it is going to cheer up a little boy with Leukemia. I did a little bit of paper folding, the Angel on the crown was made by my mom. I made the second one with my own sketch.
Tomorrow we celebrate the discovery of Puerto Rico our beautiful island! I put you a photo of my DH & DD at one of the top beaches in the world, Flamenco Beach, right here in our beautiful island!



I know, I'm out of Season, LOL, but I loved Kazan's sketch this week to do this little welcome sign for my home!
I also made this special dress my daughter is proudly wearing with Heather Bailey fabrics and a special LO about her relationship with her dad using her paper line. So much fun working with the fabrics and the paper. I wish you could see the details on her dress, I beaded the sleeves with fuschia seed beads and I also made her a pin to match the dress that she wears in a headband.


Usando marcadores

Para aportar al uso de los marcadores Bic, libres de acido aqui esta mi granito de arena. Este album de acrilico Prima lo pinte utilizandolos en las transparencias de Prima y el resultado me encanto! Estoy en espera de que los Copic me lleguen a la tienda asi que entre tanto me dedico a experimentar con otras opciones.


Musa de Halloween y tarjeta

Mi musa de Halloween esta encendida, como ven disfrutamos mucho este dia en gran compañia! La tarjeta es para el sketch de Laura, un simple gracias para alguien especial.


November 2008 PageMaps

Wow!!! Por fin puedo dejarles ver el trabajo de Page Maps. Fue un honor que Becky Fleck me pidiera este sketch doble 12x12 para el newsletter de noviembre. Aqui esta el link y mi trabajo.