Happy Sunday everyone! Ican't believe it's almost October already!!!
So this week our prompt word at OBW is together
I chose this sweet picture of the 3 cousins together, my son, daughter and nephew
at my mom's over the weekend
this is the original photo

after a little bit of tweaking on Picassa here's the result
I cropped the photo to a 4"x4" format to mimic an instagram
then I used the B&W and I finished with the holg-ish effect for the black shadows around the photo
I think it summs it up real sweet.

more togetherness...
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Oh Hello!

Hey everyone, how's your week going? Have you played out there yet?
this week at CCCB Char has the most beautiful image as inspiration, you have to use at least 5 flowers {sigh, I am a flower girl}, and 2 different papers.
The DT did an amazing job wth the inspiration and since Ros beat me to creating the paper bucket, yes go see it!!! then I had no choice but to create the chair...Remember I am a paper weaver and I love to rack my brain...
so here it cames on the raw

I had this small bucket a 3" diameter so you can figure out the scale
and the paper straws measure 7 3/4" tall


closer view and a tiny tag to match, stamped with an Amy Tangerine sentiment
and a bit of pink twine

super sweet!!! I think this would look so fab on the entrance foyer at your table
to welcome your guest, well even you, who doesn't like roses huh?

Now here's Char inspiration photo
on a side note I have to tell you, after attempting to create furniture how much I admire the craftsmen that produce these gorgeous handmade pieces.  The weavers that by hand work with plants to create the perfect sitting spot for you.  Even balancing the chair was a hassle as I had to recut several of my pieces so it had the perfect balance to stand on its own..  The weaving is mighty strong to take the whole bunch of Prima blooms and the metal bucket.  I used Basic Grey pp.
But I have to say the effrot was oh so worth it!!!
Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Thanks ladies!


Meow, Purr

Sunday sketch it out is up at chic tags and there is a new palette at CSI that I have decided to combine
The new sketch has some trriangles on it and since it is one of the evidence articles over at CSI  I think the 2 go together beautifully.
My page is about  an important companion who is very much missed at our home.
Many of you don't know my DH is a vet, well this little beauty was brought to the Clinic the first week we opened.  We were newly married and I was his left and right hand at the Clinic when this lady comes in to put down this tiny kitten she had found at her doorstep.  Her husband, an aging fellow had asthma and she didn't know what else to do. 
This kitten was barely a week old, eyes shut close, almost hairless and we didn't have the heart to do what she wanted.  We instead asked her if we could keep her.
I remeber putting her inside my scrubs shirt pocket and feeding her milk with a syringe every few hours.  She took car rides with us for hours to go visit her "grandparents" and I remeber the first time she felt grass on her paws as she was a city girl, always inside our apartment.
She grew to love the outdoors and the trees as soon as we moved.  Then after we had our son, many years after our daughter.  She was the queen of the neighborhood and was respected by all the canines, she had her way into everyones heart.
16 years after being in our company cancer overtook her, she could no longer eat and sadly departed our lives.  But she will live in our hearts forever.
an ancient MM grommet, still looove those...

ancient velvet stuff from SEI, iron ons to be precise, talk about using your stash!!!

Here's the sketch

And here's the palette

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Hi everyone! I apologize for the late, late post...
Well here is my Fall for the prompt this week at  Our Beautiful World
yesterday was the official beggining of Fall and I can certainly say that the afternoon sun, was totally upon us and night just flew by.
Here in my little island you won't find any foliage change but the abundance of flowers and fruit make up for it.  September is not only a month for storms and hurricanes with it comes Cattleyas, those gorgeous huge orchids perfect for corsages
in singles and doubles

in buds, ready to burst

our fantastic bread fruits to fry or boil!

now see the scale

this is one strong tree!

more orchids

more fruit

more orchids

this is serious blooming time for us!

clear skies

beautiful greens

full sunshine perfect for a Sunday drive

or a Sunday game at the beach!

so my Fall is pretty close to Summer don't you think? Now show me yours and share it with us at



The White Challenge

Thanks to the lovely ladies at TSTR for the Honorable Cup of Tea!!!!
Ok, brace yourself becase it is my third post of the day... so much for not being able to create a few days! Oh well, I AM inspired!!!
First thing in the morning I go visit one of my favorite places to play
and they had this incredible image for their challenge, a white on neutrals glory.
Thispast Sunday I was pulling out some roots, and they were long enough to be weavable.  As soon as my daughter realized what I was doing she asked to help and so we created a wreath.
This challenge was the perfect way to dress it up!
I cut white, cream and kraft blooms and leaves out of 3  diffrent Sizzix dies

see, the humble begginings...


now I have me a pretty thing, to celebrate the Fall!

Here's the inspiration photo
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T es de tinglar

Ready for the science class?.  As you can tell I am in polka dot heavens!!!  And had fun using all my scraps!

The leatherback sea turtle (Dermochelys coriacea),  is the largest of all living turtles, as well as the largest extant sea turtle.   It can easily be differentiated from other modern sea turtles by its lack of a bony shell.  Instead, its carapace is covered by skin and oily flesh.
Sadly it is a Critically Endangered species.
Leatherback turtles have the most hydrodynamic body design of any sea turtle, with a large, teardrop-shaped body. A large pair of front flippers power the turtles through the water. Like other sea turtles, the leatherback has flattened forelimbs adapted for swimming in the open ocean. Claws are absent from both pairs of flippers. The leatherback's flippers are the largest in proportion to its body among extant sea turtles. Leatherback's front flippers can grow up to 2.7 metres (8.9 ft) in large specimens, the largest flippers (even in comparison to its body) of any sea turtle.  And they can be as large as 8'9" also from head to tail.
I have been witness to them nesting and did you know the female cries while lying the eggs.  It is something you can never forget, seeing this mighty giant being a mom.

this is the only sea turtle that is identical as a baby to the adult,
fresh from the nest and ready to make the journey to the seashore.

 I did a tall tale about this little one's journey to the beach...

I used this wordfetti to describe the turtles journey
here's the CSI case and the sketch Em did
my photos are courtesy of my BFF Myriam Reus, who had the pleasure of seeing them do the beach walk for the first time!  Thanks Myriam

Delight in the little things

Hi everyone! So sorry about the abscence but I had to help my DH for the last 3 days, so no scrappy goodness for me.  But I am back and happy to share a page I created for this months Prima ppp using a Life.Paper.Scrapbook sketch.
The colors are so different from what I normally use, but I thought they went so well with this sunset photos of my DD at the sea shore. 
now for the details...
I am in love with the new resins, see that gorgeous heart!
and the enamel one?

more enamel, more new flowers and paper

I actually love this close up of her feet in the water...
here's the wonderful September sketch over at life.paper.scrapbook
And here's the ppp, hope you make some time to play!

2013 September PPP
Thanks for stopping by and being patient with me!