CSI 134 Happy

 I am loooving this month, the colors are just right up my alley!!! and my color scheme is all there! 

For my evidence I chose the sun and some stitching
for my testimony I chose and outdoor activity
in it I talk about how I knew the minute she discovered the underwater world of snorkeling she would be hooked!
Nothing beats seeing a real aquarium next to you, the coral and all those tropical fishes together is out of this world great.  This particular day we encountered among blue and yellow tangs a school of calamari they were purple with turquoise shimmery turquoise on top, we were in awe and almost crying because we didn't bring the camera.  Anyway it's a memory she will have forever!
I don't mean to make you dizzy but I used the bubbles to write my journaling!

and I took serius liberties this week with the sketch, Em I hope you like it!
here's the case and sketch!

hope to see you in the gallery!


CSI 133 # Today

It's Friday and that means a new case is up at CSI, come investigate!

For my testimony I chose the inspiration word delight

for my evidence I chose to tie something, use ribbon, polka dots, watercolor background

for my scheme I used gray on my alphas and photos, black on my stamping and journaling and the pink, orange with paint and white as my background!
and the absolutely inspiring palette
Hope to see you in the gallery!