Love Letters

Happy Sunday everyone. I have been meaning to post this one for a while.   Last month we went to a wedding and I snapped this one of my DD
I thought she looked so perfect ni her pretty dress and red just suits her so much.  Well when I went to pick up my prints the lab tech surprised me with a 5x7 sepia copy and I thought it would be just the perfect addition to Webster's Western Romance collection.  It took me 3 hours to unite all my fuzzy cutting into one LO and here is the result, I think it was all so worth it:

This paper I cut following the scallops,  had a lot of dots and I thought they looked like lace, but were too pale and needed to be accentuated , hence the 5 rows of pearls...
These Prima birds are TDF cute!!!

My journaling perfectly tucked in behind the photo and easily pulled out by a cameo pin!

I don't know if you have seen this video, but the first time I saw it was in Nickelodeon with my kids and I cried ( I know...) when I saw it, so take a peek and enjoy the world united!!!



10 of my Fave's chipboard projetcts

I drool over Imaginarium chipboard, dreaming of the day I'll be able to have it in my hands and play with... Chipboard and I go way back when I figured how to x-acto a scroll to decorate a Christmas page for my son way back in 2005.  Then the market started pouring in the fab material I could distress at my will, love at first sight ever since.  More recently they started adding laser cuts (insert ahhhhh here) and they made it even cuter.  Since there is a good chance I can play with it I have prepared this entry for Imaginarium.

My most fave chipboard projects:

Chipboard is pretty in its own right, so here is a LO made with raw chipboard I just love the contrast of the almost kraft look with pastels

This is a Christmas project I made die-cutting chipboard and dressing it up with paper, paint and glitter. It just got featured at the Scrap for Help blog.

This one used to be a flat ornate frame, I wanted to make a 3d box to make a prayer decoration for my daughter's bedroom.  With some more chipboard to make the box I ended up with this, finished in paint and glitter

Inspired by a drawing I made on a LO for my daughter's first piano recital, I designed my own chipboard and cut and finished it for this LO.  There is a picture of the chipboard and the one with the drawing.

More naked chipboard....

This used to be flat chipboard houses that I converted to a 3d version, I love doing home decor and off the wall projects and this one was featured on the Crate Paper blog.

This one is a card I made dressing up the chipboard with embossing powder for texture and also covering in paper.

This one is a Christmas ornament, I painted with acrylics and then covered in glossy accents for a glass like effect, the scroll is done with glitter

This one is a close up view of an inked and embossed piece of chipboard I embellised for a card.

And this one is a cupcake box I made entirely out of chipboard all dressed up in paper and sequins

And I can tell you for sure the recipient loved it as much as I did creating it and its pattern.

I hope you enjoyed browsing over my fave projects, some time it is so hard to choose since I pour so much love when I make them. I know I am missing Halloween and Easter they are in the blog I just had to pick just 10!
I will be doing a lot of project this week so stay tuned to what's coming over,


Arbolito, arbolito...♪♪♪

Campanitas te pondré, quiero que seas bonito, que al Recién Nacido te voy a ofrecer ♪♪♪...This is a beautiful Christmas song offering the Christmas Tree to the Newborn Child, and that is the theme of my LO today.  December brings beautiful Christmas trees to the island and we can't wait to smell, touch and have a new one.  We always wait until December so they last longer.  Here in Puerto Rico we celebrate the 25th of December but also, the 6th of January when we celebrate the Epiphany, the coming of the Three Kings, or Wise Men to adore  baby Jesus.  So the tree stays put until January when the kids receive their last presents and then return to school shortly after!
OUAS challenge for this month is to journal about the thinsg we look forward in December, and one of them is the picking of the Christmas tree.  This year we found some funky ones, real ones painted in cool colors, I almost couldn't resist, they were so pretty.  We ended up picking an 8 footer that was perfect to hold our long collection of ornaments, so here it is!

see what I mean about those trees???

My journaling
A peek at what I did, since it was a mail box I saw fitting to xacto an entrance and write the date, and I couldn't resit to put some sparkle in the Fairy wings ;) !

And the final page, I used Nadia's beautiful sketch

And here is the song my LO's title is inspired in, it's a school play, but the song is perfect, enjoy, Milagros! 


time for a project...

just letting you know Frank feels like he won the Grammy's with his Honorable Mention at TSTR, thanks girls !!!
Continuing with my daughter's obsession of playing in the snow I have created a snow man.  My way, not very cold here and refraining to use pink was very, very hard...Thankfully I could use glitter!  Do you remember Target's back to school ads? the one where the teacher said "glitter, so much glitter (insert giggles)"!!! loved her,  I feel the same way.  Anywhoo this one is my second entry into the The Shabby Tearoom thought it would be pretty cool to take him for a picnic!

No name for the fellow yet...As you can see there's a ton of glitter in his Websters hat  of course, ferns (remember he's a guy from the tropics)!!! And glorious mica Flakes all over his face.

 A ruffled neckline in glorious trim, Prima Lace at the end of his hat...And he is hiding a surprise. He is a recycling fella, and is sitting atop a box of Webster's pins that holds inside a 2x2 album, to keep unforgettable tiny Christmas memories in one place!

mayor micro mini cuteness factor, LOL!!!

Hi!!! Thinking I'll be calling him Frank, because little Miss M loves her Frank Sinatra
so here he is the complete little fella, hope you have an inspired rest of the week , I think I am pretty inspired and almost ready to scrap my last pics,


Happy Holidays!

We don't have freezing weather here, but in honor of my little one that dreams of playing in the snow I have decided to play over at the The Shabby Tearoom. where they have this glorious inspiration photo

I don't know if it's me but I see lace in those skates, cozy, beautiful and totally inspiring!!! And since I have decided to use a gorgeous Kraft doily I will also enter the card over at the Kraft Journal where they have a Christmas cards challenge.
I did my version in canvas, embroidered the boot laces and trim the tops with some vintage lace. For the blades I went all the way with the silver glitter, they are sooo sparkly and fun! Everything is nested atop a pretty Kraft doily and wrapped up in vintage ribbon.

I also used some Making Memories rub ons in silver glitter that gave it the special touch

Officially it's the Holiday Season, Ahhhh how do I love thee...Fresh Christmas Tree smell, cooler weather at least for us, from the average 85 down several degrees.  This morning I saw the mountains covered in a veil of fog, always inspiring.   The music changes, the spirit changes, there is hope in the air , poinsettias in the house, the nutcrackers already marched.  I really can't wait to trim the tree, we picked him yesterday and we saw the coolest trees painted , we wanted a pink one!!!! and the one we picked:

under a lot of  supervision...
I hope you get a lot of inspiration this Holiday Season, I will sure be creating some more, 'til then


The Shabby Tea Room Winner Week 88

Week #88 - Milagros C. Rivera

Words by Debbie, still blushing...
{Love} does not even begin to express how much I simply adore this oh-so-pretty in pink handmade nutcracker! I want one for my personal collection ... it is absolutely stunning, creative and beyond inspirational! I am a huge fan of anything pink, so this sweet little fella really pulled on my heart strings this week ... thank you Milagros, for sharing your beautiful Christmas Nutcracker with us all this week!

Thank you Debbie for picking my entry, loved every second of creating it!!!


Itty Bitty Cottage

I am so happy for the feature thanks girls!!!

Scrap for Help has a beautiful challenge for their month of November.   To do a Christmas project with the theme of children. It is necessary to use recycled materials. I recycled chipboard to make it sturdy.  So here is my entry, inspired in children's books I made a little Chritmas Cottage, little because it measures 5" x 3" .  But it is big on details so much I had to use my twizzers to make the tiny banner on the top!  The roof opens in case you want to turn it into a gift box and slip a gift card on the inside.
On top you can see the opening!
Enjoy your weekend today we celebrate the discovery of our precious island
Puerto Rico!!!

Enjoy our Marc Anthony singing to our beautiful island!


Home for the Holidays Banner

More pastel Christmas for you.  This time a banner to display in your mantel or anywhere you want to welcome your winter guests.  I created a little house and it started a storm and decided they would be the perfect addition in another size to my banner.  They both have different details for you to peek at.  I will enter it in the The Shabby Tearoom challenge.

The full piece and the little cottage is coming up soon!

Limited Edition 1/1

Told you I'd be back this week again.  Today is my dear mom's birthday and she is not with us ;( she is visiting North Carolina with her best friend.  I bet she is having a blast!
The beggining of this week brought to my inbox Audrey's guest spot for The Shabby Tearoom, 'Shabby Pastel Christmas' is their challenge and I felt so inspired I decided to play.  See what I mean about the inspiration photo?

just makes me drool over the sweets and the pretty bouquet... and so I created various things along the week.  Sometimes I just can't help myself so I will have to do multiple posts today in order to be able to submit them all!!!
Now anyone that knows me knows I decorate and make things for almost every season but Christmas is my favorite second to Halloween (there I go again...)
Since my first born is a boy it started with one nutcracker for a boyish Christmas, it has turned into an obsession and every year at least one joins the march.  I even learned to play on the piano the Tchaikovsky's March of the Nutcracker.  This year my best friend found a blank one!!! Can ypu believe it???? So I decided to use my favorite medium: Paper,  and here is the result:

His name is Mr.Webster's

And he is dressed in Winter Fairy Tales Fashion

He is posing with a poinsettia crown

And being the Limited Edition that he is...his pedestal is blinged
Back view, so you can enjoy him...
And the "artist's" signature!!!

Hope you enjoy him as much as I enjoyed creating him, giggling like a 5 year old, for reals, LOL



How could I not?

What a magical date 11/11/11 !!! I hope you all are well. I got back from my trip last week and it has been hard. I have been working with my husband instead of the store, helping out as best as I can, when I finally got back I felt I had no inspiration at all...I got stuck in not celebrating Halloween for the first time in 16 years and it feels like I can not move over because of it, weird??? I feel like putting up all the Halloween stuff just so I can move on. Read this conversation:
This week we were talking to our son and he was going over the calendar saying:

him:  this Sunday is Family Day at school, remember?
me: but isn't your Family Day always in November?
him: MOM it is ALREADY November!!!
me:Gosh...when did it happen...

Any whoo this should give you an idea of where I am, I do hope I get back to it all next week.
As I was looking on blogosphere to be motivated I went to OUAS to see the new one and I guess I had to play.  What a good way to get my mojo back tha to answer this weeks riddle:
When and why you started scrapping?
here's the sketch

well this got my creative juices flowing and here is what I came up with, as always not 2 sentences but 2 pages of it...and please bear with me as my last post was so long ago and in order to please the date I am posting 11 photos!!!
here is my journaling I used a pin to hold the 2 pages I wrote

and here they are with all I had to say

a close up of my subject, hmmm
and the full page, the rectangle was not fitting in so I went with all circles

Now Christmas is my favorite time of the year, by October last year I was finished with my ornaments, had stitched  runners, quilts, pillows and even a tree rug! this year is another story with my trip and everything going on around me this is my first Christmas project!!! As I looked around Webster's pages had a home decor challenge and I made this for my entry:

It is a rotary calendar of the days before Christmas, there are 2 dials on the right and left for you to turn around so it matches the countdown!  It was a past season item I saw that i will reveal later on on this post

some Spanish for you, LOL days left for Christmas

I used the Winter Fairy Tale Collection as I was in LOVEEEE with it, who could resist those pinks, purples, turquoise and greens? not me for sure! I created a town scene, and made mountains with snow, glittery snow some bling and the tinsel trims they made, sparkle, sparkle how do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

I cut all the apers to make the pretty banner, there are all kinds of shapes just waiting to be discovered in those papers, let me tell you!
And can you spot the cameo??? those are GLORIOUS, my faves!!!

Here is the whole piece

 Ahhhh, humble begginings...
Cheers to better endings

I do hope this inspires you to work!
Have a beautiful weekend and I will see you all next week ;)