A new Love, Case File No.35

Hi everyone! Today marks the 35th case file over at CSI, and amazing palette awaits your creativity this week as they are finishing their "Down by the Sea" theme for the month of August.
I have to tell you after seeing the palette's reveal how inspired I was by the images in the inspiration photograph.  So many beautiful details to grasp and be inspired by...
I hope you get the same vibe and go work on it!
There was a necklace that just put my brain to work immediately, it was my inspiration along with a palm frond that was sneaking by the right hand side. 
I decided I wanted to replicate the look of the palm tree and since they abound so much here in my precious island I knew the real thing was easily found to look up close.
I then drew on my paper and started cutting.  This was almost a month ago when I was clueless it would become an instant trend and even has a name "paper feathers".
Well now you know where my inspiration came from and it was something I couldn't reveal until today.
Now continuing on the inspiration from the necklace, there was also a little heart tucked into the picture, that I used as the "charm" of my so called necklace
This heart used to be the charm of a necklace I owned done in coconut by a local artisan.
I had saved it forever and saw it fit to reuse it as part of my page.
More wood is found on the frames and bow by Crate Paper

I hope you can see a wee bit of the shadow created by the palm leaves, it looks like the real thing I tell ya!
And here's the full page! I hope it inspires you in one way or the other!

I wanted to thank Debbi and the fabulous DT at CSI for having me this month
 as a Special Investigator, love working on the challenges!!!
Hope your weekend is a blast!!!


Bente Fagerberg said...

This is such a creative take on the case file Milagros! Love the palm 'leaves' you have made. I will make a mental note of those:-) I had no idea about the paper feathers either....I am not really one for following a lot of trends... I just do what makes me happy at that moment. So many cool trends at the moment though. Hope you are well!


Love, love, love the palm leaves and the coconut charm looks fabulous :) Beautiful take, Milagros. Loved looking at all the casefiles you have solved this month at CSI.

Audrey Pettit said...

Ooh, gorgeous! Love the design here to pieces! The circular pattern you created around the photos gives this page fabulous movement. LOVE!

FiKenward said...

Gorgeous layout as always and I like those leaves you have made. I think you totally nailed the colours, its great to see the challenge palette in the layout, just beautiful.