CHA winter 2016 recap

Hi everyone!!! I've had quite an exciting beggining of 2016! CHA was an amazing experience. Being part of the Ambasssadors for the Relics and Artifacts line gave me the opportunity to sit, demo and meet people from all over the world at the Prima booth!  Being in the company of Sandra Evertson is amazing, she is so sweet and kind and intuitive, a genuine soul I've been blessed to know! Also in the company of great artists such as Debby Anderson, John Creighton-Petersen, Kimberly Cochrane and Wendy Morris-Saponaro it was quite the unforgettable experience!!!
Here's Delaina, Sandra Wendy, me and Debby at the end of our first day!
More exciting people I got to meet 
Jo Packham the mastermind behind Where Women Create! A treat in itself!

Sneaking a moment with Debi who now has her own line of dies and I'm so thrilled for her!!! And of course Brenda Walton who I just absolutely love!!!
With Susan the Ice Resin creator and uber talented jeweler !!! Who BTW loves Puerto Rico!!!
And my adorable Bloom girls Jamie Dougherty and Lisa Adametz!!!!

Debby Anderson love her to pieces!!!
It is always a treat to meet someone you keep a daily relationship online! This is Luciana Warnowski from Brazil!!!

Super talented Mou Saha!!!
Amazing Paper Grace Becca Feeken!!! 
And i got to meet with Irma from Imaginoc and Annette from Scrapbook Gallery!!!
I also met Jill Mackay at the Sizzix booth!!!
Another exciting thing was getting published by Jewelry Affaire and then being posted on Instagram by Where Women Create 
Being reposted by Finnabair and being able to expose my work at the Prima Booth at CHA!!!!!
One of the cards I made for the Relics and Artifacts section also got featured at the Prima Catalog!!!
I turned 50 on the 23rd
So I'm loving this fantastic month!!! I have exciting things creating backstage for you so stay tuned!  Things may pop on my Instagram, follow me there
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