It's a new week at Our Beautiful World and the word is waiting.  I apologize for keeping you waiting, no pun intended as I was waiting to take this photo for my assignment on my trip.  By the time I got back from the trip and uploaded it was too late to be posted in the group shot.
so here I am waiting for my flight
they were excited like me

waiting for my first class

waiting for my second class

waiting for the first Tim's reveal  on the first day of the show

waiting for a new technique to magically appear before our eyes
waiting for the fountains to explode

waitng for the train to take me

on my way to meet friends waiting for me

my dear, dear bloggy world friends IRL for the first time!!!

waiting for The Beatles Love, Cirque du Soleil


waiting for reveal on one of my faves of the show

patiently waiting to eat my fave desert in the world, lemon meringue pie

and finally waiting to get back home
to my sunny Caribbean...

Hope to see your waiting moments shared with us at Our Beautiful World!!!!




Hi everyone!
Welcome to a new inspirational week at our beautiful world.  This time our prompt was given to us by our talented Wendy and the word was details!
I took Mercedes for her birhtday to the zoo and the butterflies garden was just brimming with them
there were so many lovely bloom and monarchs for my happy trigger
so I am sharing with you my detail
the pollen dust while the butterfly was busy feeding
sweet little speckles of gold

they are so beautiful to look at

happy eating away

I just wished I had brought my macro with me

the happy girls

and a different one to finish it up!
Can't wait to see your details!!!!
I will be out for Craft and Connect I promise to go see your posts as soon as I can, since I am scheduling this post to go live on the 21st.
Happy huntings for your details


4 & 2

The Puerto Rico Tourism Company is hosting a photography web page called
PuertoRicobyPuertoricans.   A place to share photos of the island that has so much to discover.  By uploading I learned about a place called Panoramio, used by Google Earth to map photos all around the world.  Truly an exciting experience if you enjoy seeing the world with a birds eye view!  Well now I am sharing my photos at Panoramio, word of warning, it can be addictive...
And I am loving the way they map the latitude and longitude of your location...
I have used  the August sketch  @ sketchbook365 flipped to suit my vertical photo.
Thanks to the lovely ladies at CSI for the
and for the rest I used the fab case 81 at CSI
I thought there was enough blue on my sea and water, the brown of the palette was done with the wood chips. the twiggy color was perfect from the Webster's paper and to finish my scheme I used burlap and a hint of yellow.  For my evidence I used woodgrain, jute
and circles, 2 different masks to do it.

For my CSI testimony  I went with 6 {4 &;2 } awesome things, like the Google Earth location
best beach
powdery sands
right smack on the Caribbean Sea
Cristaline waters
solitude, perfection
So glad you stopped by



Hi everyone, it seems that lace is surrounding me this month, this past Sunday we did our lace post at Our Beautiful World and it got me thinking that I do need to initiate my daughter on the craft so I started organizing.  With the help of a few blog challenges I was able to organize more crafty stuff!
CCCB and Lessology have upcycled packaging as their theme and TSTR wants lace, flowers and pearls, how happy does that make you???? Me I am in heaven!!!
I am thinking of adding it to OBW too!
Please visit Lizzy Hill's project at Lessology you are so going to LOVE it!!! mine is more subdued.
Spotlight Artist Badge
Thanks Girls!!!! So excited! loved doing this project!
dress it up by Ros at CCCB
Romantic at TSTR
Well here are the basics, a used jam jar, so loving the hexagon vibe of this glass jar from France, and the raspberry jam was TDF delish!!!
and peeling of the label was a 2 hour process as it was so attached...I had to put it in soapy water to help me take it off.  Those are my bone bobbins :say hi, they ♪ when you use them, but they needed some dress up spangles on their bottoms.  So I did the British way of dressing them up and look how spiffy they look ♥

totally happy with the look!!!!

yup, love'em and to let you know this is done so they extra weight in the bobbin helps you in the lace making process.

I found this book that has some easy projects in it like bookmarks that I am sure my daughter will be able to complete, as of this post she's finished pricking her first 2 patterns, one is a cute bookworm!!

it is authored by 2 British gals and it is very well illustrated with step by step photos if you are interested in learning the craft.  I have had several comments on my post this Sunday so this is a good reference book.
So here's the project, a housing place for my bobbins, they need a happy home

and it was the perfect excuse to use some of those bitty pieces of lace

more views

of course a label was in order, ad now I have another piece in keeping with my other upcycled packaging
theylook so pretty together, and they are happy you stopped by to look!
Milagros and the jars

We are

well that's what the title says and what we are, LOL!!!
This past Friday my best friend had her birthday and to be able to celebrate with our families we gathered on Sunday
I am using this palette from CSI and the sketch from Em Stafrace
I ended up flipping the sketch
for my evidence I used lace, that prettu corner is from a Webster's piece of tulle lace
with the doily mask

flowers, Prima of course...

more lace and for my testimony I chose to journal on my flags
July is a month of  special birthdays for me first my daughter and then my best friend!
Here we are celebrating yesterday!

flowers in the paper...
Well it was nice of you to stop by!