Una tarjeta para la plantilla de Kazan, utilizando una de mis imagenes favoritas. Un par de paginas para mantenernoa al dia. Especialmente esa de mamarazzi, que me parece somos muchas las que caemos en eso y por ultimo una foto de parte de la exhibicion de Montessori en el MAC.



Joy of being a mom, with its goods and the not so goods. This weekend we made cake together, yesterday not so good @ school, this morning the unexpected...Always an adventure that of being a mother: to care, to nurture, to be there


Pancakes, cards and pages!

What is a mom to do...I was making breakfast to little Miss M when I looked @ the pan I saw a ladybug. Now it may sound silly but it made my "non morning" little person cheer up! So much I did it again, not as an accident anymore, mind you. All you do is pour the batter off center in a non stick pan, and then pour again close to it to create the "head", before you flip it make a V mark with your spatula at the end of the first pancake and right in the middle, it will transfer to the other side, and then you flip, you can decorate with strawberries or chocolate chips or whatever strikes your little one's fancy!
For Kazan's sketch I made a Mother's Day card,it's coming before you know it
and to tie you over here are some new LO's I've created, sorry for the abscence but the kids were on their spring break and I needed to spend time with them!