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18 years ago on a day like this we got married, and 18 years after it's still the little things holding us together.
I fell in love with this month's sketch over @ OUAS and although I did my page I didn't wanted to share until our actual anniversary.  You see this months journaling is all about love and I do love many things my children, my pets all 5 of them!!! my hobby, my friends, cooking, embroidery
 this kind of love I am journaling about makes it all possible to me.
In my signature swirls I have journaled what our love is all about
"that you kiss me everyday"
"that you still hold my hands"
"I love that you still bring me flowers on Valentine's"
"That you hold me tight and cuddle with me"
That to this day you carry in your wallet a memento from our honeymoon all those years ago
And behind the page I also wrote:
that you listen to me and still can surprise me after all this years
they way you care and how sensible you are
how we still enjoy each others company and you'd rather travel with me than by yourself
how you encourage my creativity
how well we complement and balance each other
that Studio Calico pebble was so perfect for my page!

and the complete page

Nadia's sketch!

and us 18 yrs after!
Thanks for sharing our intimacies! and cheers to many more years
very happy to have received this today on this particular occasion

and a last one from PR's first scrapbook consumer show
the store and the most wonderful, perfect friends I could ever hope for
I thank you from the heart it was perfect because you were there!
and the paper dress I made for Mercedes with grandmas help!