The Bubble Thief

They have been doing this for quite a while now, my daughter and one of our dogs play with bubbles in the afternoons after work.  While I cook I hear the giggles and the fights between them but in the weekday rush there was never any time to photograph.  Yesterday was another story and the day was beautiful, sunny and bright and I sat down with a cup of coffee to watch, camera in hand.  I tell you the amount of neat photos I took can be translated into countless Lay outs I am sure there will be more than this one out of this day.  Unknowingly they matched CSI's palette so I decided to follow their evidence trail to do my page.   I needed some blank space and drew just the perfect sketch for this one (in a napkin, LOL).  So here's my evidence
 I used Studio Calico's circle mask with a translucent medium, it is iridescent to mimic the bubbles,
sheet music, book page behind my photo, circles in my photos and buttons, pen work for my journaling and white space

for my testimony,  written around in a circle is:
Mercedes declared Isis The Bubble Thief as she stole each and every bubble made!



That's right Beach and I am not screaming!!! it is part of a challenge being held at Basic Grey to use patterned paper as your background.  Their new collection PB&J is sooo fun, and my fave is the ABC paper, imagine the possibilities for your titles in those bold, graphic and colorful letters.  I decided to cut out beach and in doing so found out the C & H are linked together and it gave me the idea to stagger the letters and gave me room to include several pictures.
a close up of some yummy layers, don't you just love those fabric blooms and the new pins!!!!

 ANd well I may live in paradise but the Caribbean Sea can be temperamental some times and so we didn't have a blue day, clear as the water was the sun did not come out and we had grey everything....
I loved creating a charm for my B
 And here is the full share, and since I am always roaming around my backyard this twisted babe opened yesterday morning, don't you just love it?
just uploaded to my JPG.

Hope the inspiration finds you this week!



You can Do Magic

You can have anything your heart desires....and so it goes with the beautiful song by America!
This weeks challenge at CSI was pinks and greys...ahhhh back in my senior year of high school a long, long time ago I was dressed in them.  I guess it was fashionable in those days to wear them and my talented mama designed and made me a grey linen dress and she fashioned a beautiful ribbon belt in several shades of pink.  I know you would have loved to see me in my high school years with the nice 80's hairdo, LOL but mama lives far away and by the time I got the color palette there was no time to search for such photo.  SO I give you my little Miss.
here's the file
So, here's the evidence.
 sparkly things, shiny things, sequins, feathers...
Testimony, use a song title to inspire the journaling
it couldn't get any better, she works magic with those eyes I tell you
she can be able to hypnotize me or her dad into anything her heart desires
and so it says wrapped around her photo
she looked so cute with that gap, sigh...Already she has a new smile!

Have an awesome week!!!!!



Once upon a time there was a little homeless dog.
 She was getting wet under the heavy rain,
She was crying from the cold, cold rain
when we heard her.

We went to the backyard to find out where she was
and rescued her.
She had a birthmark wrapped around her neck
in the shape of a moon,
And thus there was her name!

She is now are faithful and loved companion dog.
We love her so much

And poetic as it sounds it is the faithful truth.  She is a part of our home we can not part without!
I had been waiting for a perfect shot of her, since she is so black that was always very hard, this last Sunday there she was just sitting pretty in the sofa and the light was just right and I just photographed away!
Here's my evidence
Moon, that's her translated in Spanish, LOL!!!
stacking layers

 transparent element , there is the ticket underneath the photo
 foliage and metal together.

more scrappy yumminess...

And an update in Solecito
 And some backyard happenings...

Soon I will share my cala lillies they ARE blooming!!!!



Home is the theme this month at OUAS I have been debating about the subject for a while, thinking about that beautiful word home.  Actually the minute I saw the sketch I went to work and did it.  In my creating process I usually begin with a photo but I didn't have one of my physical house but I did have a photo of Mercedes in front of me.  And then it hit me, home is something else, it is what we create around us, it is our significant others, home can be anywhere in the world as long as I have my family.  You see in my younger life I moved far away to go to college and that town became my home, then I married and moved far away again and this new town also became my hometown.

     In our married life we have moved 3 times, so the permanence of a physical place can not be home.  This last place had 4 bedrooms for the 3 of us.  I don't know if it was the 4 bedrooms or my approaching the big 4 oh, but we planned on having another baby.  It was a very thought through decision, there is an 8 year gap in between them because of the complications in my first pregnancy.   I am telling you then and there this little one completed the circle of what I call home.  She completes our family and makes it a home and that is why I have used her picture for my LO. 

 journaling:  With you life is more beautiful and home is complete.
 I incorporated some home touches using the gorgeous windows from Imaginarium Design, although I disected them into 5 pieces, LOL I wanted to fit the whole picture in it and make a balcony for her.

 I lifted my leaves and my butterflies to make them pop from the page
With you!

Now this one is a fun one, we had fun one Sunday afternoon after going to a Bella Boulevard workshop here in San Juan, PR
 This one was done using the CSI colors, I had been waiting for the right picture to scrap a packaging from ID, yummy!
 sugared chipboard
 clusters and pearls
 Miss M was modeling accesories for a store, that's why she is all dolled up!
And lastly, because I didn't blogged last week is my entry for this week's palette at the Color Room
 yummy Prima blooms, Heidi Swapp paper and Imaginarium chipboards, guess I am hooked on those...
Here she is at our last escape to Culebra Island, ahhh paradise I tell you!
And Solecito has all the feathers out in all its glorious yellow, so I will be using the color more and more, he looks like a sunset.

Hope your Easter was blessed and beautiful,