CHA winter

Por fin de regreso a casa con tantas cosas bellas!!!Lo mejor de todo conocer tanta gente importante y sobre todo tan buena
Meeting Jenni Bowlin, Jared and Ruth so felt like family, it was nice to put the face on the emails, the packages and the phone calls, they always hand write me a little note on the invoices, too sweet!!! And their booth was by far my favorite it felt like home.
Kelly Goree, what a fun girl, could have spend the whole afternoon listening and working with her.
The Maya Road sisters were so cool, their booth with all the things I always love and the workshop, look at the little house in my hands. so ordered that...
Brenda Walton impressed me so much, she defines the word LADY.
My super friends from Spanish Memories,Omayra and Sandra, Yeeeeeeee

We had so much fun.

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JESSICA said...

BEEELLAS fotos!!! Que bueno que hayas disfrutado tanto!!!