To some of you, October is the begining of cool weather, change of colors and pumpkins, to some of us, the weather remains the same.  Blessed that no hurricaines have harm our islands this season and blessed for the constant rains that marks this time of the year that translates into lushious flowers.  These were snapped this morning with my camera on my garden, enjoy!

                                             A wee bit of craftiness, never harms the soul...
 enjoying the afternoon sun

                                            Mr. Cobito the newest member of our menagerie
 look at this orchid....9 months waiting for it to bloom, SOOOO worth it!
                                             What a cool date! I hope it was fun for you too
                                         we had the best company today, thanks guys and salud!
We are very blessed.


cnelson said...

gorgeous photo and lo!!!

Sylvia said...

Gorgeous photos, Milagros. Your are right about the orchids. It seems so sad that it takes so long and they are gone so quickly! Your cards below are wonderful too, full of creativity!