10 of my Fave's chipboard projetcts

I drool over Imaginarium chipboard, dreaming of the day I'll be able to have it in my hands and play with... Chipboard and I go way back when I figured how to x-acto a scroll to decorate a Christmas page for my son way back in 2005.  Then the market started pouring in the fab material I could distress at my will, love at first sight ever since.  More recently they started adding laser cuts (insert ahhhhh here) and they made it even cuter.  Since there is a good chance I can play with it I have prepared this entry for Imaginarium.

My most fave chipboard projects:

Chipboard is pretty in its own right, so here is a LO made with raw chipboard I just love the contrast of the almost kraft look with pastels

This is a Christmas project I made die-cutting chipboard and dressing it up with paper, paint and glitter. It just got featured at the Scrap for Help blog.

This one used to be a flat ornate frame, I wanted to make a 3d box to make a prayer decoration for my daughter's bedroom.  With some more chipboard to make the box I ended up with this, finished in paint and glitter

Inspired by a drawing I made on a LO for my daughter's first piano recital, I designed my own chipboard and cut and finished it for this LO.  There is a picture of the chipboard and the one with the drawing.

More naked chipboard....

This used to be flat chipboard houses that I converted to a 3d version, I love doing home decor and off the wall projects and this one was featured on the Crate Paper blog.

This one is a card I made dressing up the chipboard with embossing powder for texture and also covering in paper.

This one is a Christmas ornament, I painted with acrylics and then covered in glossy accents for a glass like effect, the scroll is done with glitter

This one is a close up view of an inked and embossed piece of chipboard I embellised for a card.

And this one is a cupcake box I made entirely out of chipboard all dressed up in paper and sequins

And I can tell you for sure the recipient loved it as much as I did creating it and its pattern.

I hope you enjoyed browsing over my fave projects, some time it is so hard to choose since I pour so much love when I make them. I know I am missing Halloween and Easter they are in the blog I just had to pick just 10!
I will be doing a lot of project this week so stay tuned to what's coming over,


cnelson said...

These are ALL so FAB! TFS!

Audrey Pettit said...

Wow, wow, wow! What gorgeous creations, Milagros!! And how fun for us to see all these beautiful things in one spot!

Colleen Dietrich said...

Milagros, all I can say is "Wow!" You've got so many neat projects featured in this post. I think my faves are the little houses and the prayer frame. Oh my!

Unknown said...

Hola Milagros, acabo de descubrirte a traves del blog de Kirsty, me encanta tu estilo tan dulce y personal.
Me hago seguidora tuya y te visitaré a menudo.
Pos. Si tienes un rato y te apetece te invito a visitar mi blog.