This Moment

It is May, a time to celebrate motherhood around the world.  I have been blessed with 2 precious children.  One not so little anymore, another that brightens my days and inspires me tons.  But behind this comes a huge responsibility.  Being entrusted with kids is no easy feast, that is if you want to raise them to be wonderful human beings.  Something not to be taken lightly.  Giving values, manners, love, faith is an ongoing process, one with no ends,  I know because mom still goes at it with me.  And I should just sit down and thank her (well I know she reads this ;) so it is a public THANKS!!!).  And although sometimes you just don't know if you are doing things right, litle surprises come along the way to prove your'e on the right track.
I have twtiched OUAS sketch to make this LO
The prompt this month was you as a mother.  I have chosen what kind of mom I want to be and although I am nowhere in sight on this LO's photo I am just right around the corner.  I journaled so much about those things that they ended up in the back of the page for her to read.  I do hope her faith continues to help her throughout her life as This Moment is just one of many.
I do hope God helps me be a better mother everyday, to give me patience and to guide my steps as I raise them.

the small journaling ;)

 Instead of the banners I chose the birds on a branch
the challenges of light...the top one shows the texture of the page and the next one shows her
I have used the beautiful Songbird collection by Prima , the colors are so soft and sweet they were perfect for this moment!
I have done so much lately but it will have to wait, but I do hope you enjoyed the little bird on top as it is only found in Puerto Rico, the San Pedrito, so bold and pretty and small! And one more
 some recycled cardboard with a CT mask with gesso and paint

Sharing my Mother's Day photo with my 2 treasures!


Denise Price said...

I like your thoughts on motherhood, and I like both your layouts. I love the pastel colors on both pages--especially on the first one, where they coordinate so beautifully with the First Communion dress.

FiKenward said...

These a beautiful Milagros, and don't you just love that paper from Prima. Thanks for dropping by my blog and I hope you get a chance to do the sketch would love to see what you do with it.

Mona Pendleton said...

Gorgeous layout Milagros! Your family is beautiful! Love all the pretty flowers and patterned paper!

Jasmine S said...

Your work is so beautiful. I just love how much you put in your journaling and a great idea to add it to the back of the page. And I just adore the birds on the branches. Thanks for joining in at OUAS.


That pic of Mercedes is precious. I love the texture of the pp and the birds look beautiful. The baubles you attached to the 2nd page are simply delightful. Love your style and your heartfelt journaling, Milagros.

Bente Fagerberg said...

You have a lovely family Milagros!
Gorgeous lo!
Thanks for playing along with us at OUAS!
As always I admire what you hve done here!

Audrey Pettit said...

Wow! Your layouts are just SO beautiful, Milagros! I love the way you work the neutrals, girl! SO right up my alley. Love the cardboard you incorporated and the mask and gesso, too. Adds such great shabby chic texture. The birds on the branch are really fabulous, too!

cnelson said...

These could not be LOVELIER!!! LOVE...LOVE...LOVE!!