Happy Easter!

Hi everyone! happy to share I am
this week, yayyyy, and this week the girls at the TSTR have the most gorgeous inspiration photo for you to work with.  You know my "stitchy" fingers are dying to work on this!!!
For their theme Lovely Layers
what a superb fabric piece
and then they have added this fabulous sketch for you to base your project or card on
I had real big plans on making a step by step tutorial for you, but something went wrong with my sd card and I lost the process of making it
But I promise I will tell you what I did one by one
1.cut 5 strips of 1" x12" of cardstock
2.get your hands on a tea cup of water, keep it REAL CLOSE and wet your paper @ the top
cardstock and heavy patterned papers work best because they can sustain the water and the manipulation that follows.
once you have the tops wet,
3. start pleating your paper as if it was fabric.
You will find that by having it wet, it really feels like canvas in your hands.
4.Leave them out to dry, they will dry real hard and WILL stay the way you pleated them!
If you have no patience, (like it happens to me sometimes) use your embossing heat gun and be careful not to burn your paper.
5. Start stitching your paper from the bottom up, I'd rather not glue as they are HEAVY, plus since they look like fabric why not go the extra mile.

see what I tell you, it looks like canvas but its Bazzill French Vanilla 12x12 paper!

I hope you will give this a try, if you do let me know here on the blog so that I can go and check it out!
Hope you have a blessed Easter with your family

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Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Lovely card, happy easter!

Greetings from Paris!