Life Changes for you two

I am happy to say this page got picked as !!!!

"What a beautiful and poignant page Milagros has created to document this important stage in her relationship with her father. There is so much to admire about Milagros's page, from the beautifully crafted text to the symbolic embellishments adorning every part of her page. We love the comparison of her son, a senior, with her father, a different type of senior. The banner with the hand-drawn details that document aspects of her story, are touching and genius. Thank you, Milagros, for sharing this piece of your heart with us."

Today I am sharing a very emotional page I have done to document some recent changes in my life.
I have become a mother again, this time to a 77 yr old
My dad is now closer to me, I can spend time with him everyday,
share a cup of coffee and the newspaper....
and the sorrow of having him uprooted from everything he knows.
I have decided to document these 2 here, half of the page is this new Senior, a High School one
Half of it is this new Senior, Dad

Even the journaling spot is split in 2 to talk about them
these are real coffee stains
In trying to overcome my week I spilled hot coffee on my white jeans this week
it was an accident but it happened again yesterday
so I decided to incorporate it on my page.
It smells like coffee, but I know it will be a reminder of other things

things like having ghanged his home, his town, being uprooted from all he knows
moving closer to another family, to a town where the sun rises, it's the cycle of life in a way

I just hope it all works for the best for the two of you...
I have used this sketch from Page Drafts
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Audrey Pettit said...

Oh, Milagros! Your beautiful page has truly touched my heart and given me goosebumps! It is so hard to watch our dear parents age and adapt to so many life changes. And your son being on the verge of many life changes, too. I know how emotional this is. I am right there with you.
Absolutely LOVE this gorgeous and heartfelt layout!

Libby said...

What a beautiful layout!
Congrats on being chosen as "Star Witness" at CSI!!
Totally cool!

Libby said...

What a beautiful page!!

Congrats on being chosen as "Star Witness" at CSI! You deserve it!