Hi everyone! It was a hard week having the Miss of the house sick.. I had to stay home and care for her so that means no crafting.  Today is the beginning of December, also a Sunday and that means a new prompt for us at Our Beautiful World!
December here weather wise is not that different from say May, a wee bit lower on the temperatures, a 74, shorter days the sun will go off at 6:30PM, but pretty much it's the same.
What changes though is the Holiday spirit that lives within us
you will find lights, music and a lot of festivities going on all around
I took this photo from a vantage view from the Old Casino in Old San Juan
This is the first square you find upon entering the old city.
my nutcrackers come out

I totally love my Steinbach's from Germany
another December favorite gingerbread houses, poinsettias and Douglas fir smells.
this one was at a local hotel, where they also build them like this
see the proportions!!!! you can totally play and have fun in that smell!

Can't wait to see your Decembers!
Loved having you here


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Love love love the photos!

Linda R said...

Happy December my friend. Your photos look so pretty.


Ros Crawford said...

Sorry your little lady is sick ... I hope she will soon be well... I love that photo of the tree lit square ... so pretty! I could just imagine a stroll there especially in your warm temperatures ... Have a good week

Davi said...

Love the pic of the square with all the twinkling lights, my favorite thing about December all the beautiful lights everyone hangs :)

Barbara said...

Except for the temperatures, it sounds like a December around here! That huge gingerbread house is just amazing...

Audrey Pettit said...

So sorry to hear the little missy has been sick! Hope she's feeling better, and love your December photos. Your nutcrackers make me smile. Love that huge gingerbread house. Now how fun is that?

Wendy AppleApricot said...

That is a beautiful December. I know those nutcrackers, it is typical German. And the gingerbread houses... wow. I love the beautiful ligths at the old square.
I'm sorry to hear your Miss is ill though. Is she recovering? Hugs

Irene said...

Beautiful December pictures.

Irene said...

Beautiful December pictures.

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Awesome! December! Isn't that the best time of the year?