Ever since I can remember in my married life we have spent the Fisrt of January at an annual party for the Country Club my Father in Law belongs.  They meet to celebrate the New year and bring all that is customary as a local tradition in Christmas at the island.  They make not one but 2 of these guys
they are roasted in a pit fire for hours and hours and they are so delicious!  They literally tear the skin to eat it since it is sp crunchy and flavorful once it's roasted.
then there's this
can you see behind them my son and DH, that is fried heaven my friends!!! they make this fritters out of cod called "bacalaitos" and grated root vegetables stuffed with either crab or meat called "alcapurrias" and there's no way you can eat just one!
but this is the best part of my January, beginning the year with the ones I love !
Cheers to a brand new 2014


Tomorrow January 6 is our celebration of the epiphany or the Three Kings, It is also a big Holiday, like Christmas.  Tonight the kids around the island will fill up a shoe box with grass for the camels.  They will put it under their bed so that when the Three Kings come their camels can be fed.  The next morning they will have toys in their boxes and hopefully the camels won't leave behind a whole lot of grass for parents to clean up ;)
It is one beautiful tradition and almost the end of Christmas for us!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Great photos ... looks like a great time!! And loving the Three Kings tradition!!!!

Poppy said...

Hi Milagros,

What fun traditions! Lovely pics of the roast and celebrations with family.


Unknown said...

That roast looks yummy!!

Ros Crawford said...

Oooh Lovely photos ... I could taste that food ... even though I hate to see the pig like that ... And what a great tradition for Epiphany ... Thanks for educating me!

Barbara said...

I'm not too sure about the pig roast but those fried... "things" sound fantastic and actually made my mouth water! I love the camel feeding tradition - never heard of that before but I think it would work nicely in Germany as well!

Denise Price said...

Oh wow, what a great party! When I was growing up, my neighborhood had an annual pig roast in the summer. I miss those days. The neighborhood where I live doesn't have any parties. :(

I told my son about the Three Kings tradition, and he says that he wants to do that. The only problem is...there is no grass in Minnesota right now. It's all snowed under. I assured him that he could probably leave some carrots or other raw veggies for the camels. :)

Unknown said...

Love seeing your photos. And what a yummy looking post this is. That sounds like a wonderful celebration my friend. Enjoy!


Analia Cristina said...

Hi,very beautiful the family photos!

Davi said...

Sounds like a wonderful time of Celebrations and even better to spend with your family ;)

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

I so want some roasted piglet, send me some please!!!! yum!

Audrey Pettit said...

Thanks for sharing photos and stories of your family traditions! It is so fun to see and hear what it is like for others around the world! Feels like I'm almost there! Would so love to try those local delicacies sometime!