Part of USA, CSI 130

Happy 4th of July to all of you celebrating in the States!
This week we have a patriotic case over at CSI to celebrate our countries
I decided to make a page about how being a part of USA is part of our everyday lives.

we share the same passport, currency, postal service, military service, even our sons register in the selective service the minute they turn 18, our forests are part of the US Park and Rec !
For my evidence I used
  • stars
  • paint (for my background)
  • splatters (with my gelatos)
  • flags ( on my photo)
TESTIMONY I wrote about a patriotic holiday
July is a big patriotic month, on the 4th we celebrate the Independence Day and on the 25th our Constitution.
Here's a pic of Our Constitution on our Capitol Building
Constitucion PR.JPG
as you can see we boast both flags with immense pride
my photos on the page are from a recent visit to El Morro Fort, where we have our flags and the one from the Spanish Emporium, they are flying in front of the lighthouse, the first one built in the island in 1846
Here's another view of my flag photo on the LO

Here's the case

I hope you enjoy the long weekend! Awesome to have you here, don't forget to play this week over at CSI!

I am sorry I posted this so late I have been sick all week and bed ridden the weekend, totally missed the fire works...


Lizzy Hill said...

I hope you're feeling better now, Milagros:):) this was really interesting to read about! A bit of a history lesson for me & of course, your page is fabulous---- especially that star mm bg that you've done :):)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Gorgeous! I loveeeeeeee that background and the stars!!!!!

Barbara said...

Oh, I sure hope you're feeling better now! That page is another stunning creation - the background is wonderful!