Beautiful Creature

The other day while browsing at a store I found a book called "Beautiful Chaos" .  The calligraphy was so stunning I purchased the book just to look at it.  I started reading and little did I know it was a series of books, that a movie had been about since 2-13-13 and such.
This cat of mine, the subject of my page is a beautiful creature, what you don't know is that he wasn't that pretty in the beggining.  He just had the coolest personality in his favor and those sweet green eyes.  You see this was a homeless kitten, like all members of my animal family, he found a way to our heart by his purring.  He was totally hairless, so mangy it took him 3 months at the vets office to recuperate.  Luckily the vet is my DH plus we needed to shelter the other members of our family until he was better.  He started growing this gorgeous looong hair.  We could not believe our luck, first the personality and then the glorious long hair.  Of course I think it was our prize for rescuing him from the streets...so I present you Cobito, Cobis, Cobi he respond to all those name, the meaning of his name is hermit crab, as he was found at the beach and my DD named him.
This is a BE BOLD challenge, so I have used the fabulous calligraphy of the Beautiful Creatures!
he is straight out of Cat Fancy!!!
My journaling reads as a catalog
Up for adoption
small kitten
beautiful eyes, no hair
no hair, all mangy
great personality

then I wrote
now look at you,
the envy of cat lovers anywhere,
awesome personality

I used a sketch by Em Stafrace from pagedrafts and  for the colors CSI case file 77 
So good to have you on this fine, rainy day...
One last thing I am SUPER EXCITED to share I have been invited as a DT member of a
 photography blog that will go live the 30th of June 1 , you can find the link underneath the photo, here's the awesome line up of girls I get to work with from
Around the World!!!
 We are beggining this fabulous adventure and would love for you to follow us!!!





Love the title work...stunning! Beautiful creature, indeed :)

Anonymous said...

a wonderful LO

Audrey Pettit said...

Wow! Another stunning layout from you, Milagros! Love the sweet story of your kitty, and love how you drew your inspiration for that fabulous title. Love everything else, too!
Congrats on your new team! Sounds so fun! Can't wait to see all the photos!

Ros Crawford said...

How I wish my DH was a vet!!! I like you tend to take in all number of homeless ... what a beautiful kitty your turned into ... Love your LO ... looking forward to working with you!

AppleApricot Wen said...

Awww, Cobito is so beautiful now after your good care. You made a stunningly gorgeous layout. I LOVE the lettering. And beautiful photo of Cobito too!
Super excited to be on the team with you and the other amazing girls as well! Love the beautiful photo you've send for the first prompt by the way, I saw it in the draft post ;)

hugs and happy day,

Em Stafrace said...

WOWWWW Mila, what a beautiful page. Loooove your title work your typography skills are mad! Thank you for playing along at Page Drafts you clever thing! xo

karenw said...

Wow! love the calligraphy and I so want a cat again - yours looks totally gorgeous now, he was lucky you found him I think! xx