Wake Up

Good morning everyone!!!! It is time for a new adventure!
 our--beautiful--world-- blog just woke up and we want you to play!!!
Week 1 Waking up
I live in the eastern part of Puerto Rico, in the Caribbean Ocean, where the sun rises in the morning.  Being in this area means you wake up earlier than most islanders since the sun reaches you first, LOL.  But we get to have the most beautiful way to begin the day as the sun peeks for the first time!
not yet...

first blush

first peek and then it goes so fast....

Mr Sun is out!
I have to share I use a DSRL camera in manual mode to get the true hues. I am an amateur so I just go by what the meter reads and then click.   I don't know how to use photoshop.  Some times I just spend a lot of time in the composition and end up liking it the way it is like the ones I shared from the fores recently in this post.   Some of those photos were also taken in manual mode and I had to improvise a tripod with whatever was at hand, sometimes this will be provided by a road safety rail.  So go out there, see it through your eyes and click. I am sure you won't be dissapointed with the results.  I will try to start writing down the ISO and apertures or times I leave the lens exposed to share them with you.
But you don't need a complicated camera, we just want you to share the world with us!
Take a photo of what "waking up" means to you. Then join us in the linky party and link up your photo.
We would love to see what waking up means to people around the globe. Do you have a daily routine? Walk the dog or go for a morning walk without dog? Read the newspaper? Jog? Hurry to get ready? Or take the time to enjoy the sunrise? Do you love the waking up of the world around you? Or are you hard to get out of bed?

It's not about who-does-best and it's not a challenge either. It's about sharing with, learning from and inspiring each other!

My husband kept saying why you didn't send coffee...that is my routine, what he doesn't know still is that to me that first peek of the sun is my wake up call for the day, regardless of day of the week.  You know that we have taken the car and drove to the other side of the island 4 hours away just to see a proper sunset in the west?  That's how crazy sun lovers we are!!! Will probably share those red, fire , blazing sun photos later!! Now go over and take your photos and share the world through your eyes with us!!!

I am trying to make this work....
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Shahrul Niza said...

WOW, how I wish to wake up to that heavenly sunrise at the beach!!. Gorgeous one, Milagros :). I hope to learn more about manual photography soon, never dared to touch that button yet! LOL.

Ros Crawford said...

Oh so beautiful!! Nothing is better than seeing the day wake ... you are fortunate to have this on your doorstep!

Alison said...

Beautiful pictures...best of luck with the new blog!
Alison xx

alexandra s.m. said...

beautiful shots!
thank You~

FiKenward said...

Gorgeous photos Milly, will have to remember to give it ago. Hope all is well with your family.


Great shots of the sun, Milagros! Love your new artventure :)

Audrey Pettit said...

Love this new photo sharing blog idea and love your gorgeous sunrise photos, Milagros! I am a complete dunce when it comes to cameras....usually use fully automatic mode and don't know anything about it....but I do love photography and hope to join in sometimes. :)

My Creative House said...

These photo of the sunrise is really wonderful, thanks for visiting my blog.

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

what a wonderful share of the sunrise, you are lucky to have such scene every morning!
And I also want to say - THANK YOU for joining me on this new journey!

Nida Razali said...

Great photos! And manual too! I seldom use manual ..I should try more often. Don't you love sunrise and sunsets...I take many photos of it too...simply irresistible ..
Thanks for stopping by too!