Is just around the corner!!!!! I truly can't wait!!!  Halloween is our prompt for you this week at Our Beautiful World.  Yes I put decorations out for the whole month to enjoy, but the actual day, well we go all out, fog machine, cauldron with candy, cauldron with "smoke", eerie music, it's just too much fun.
To me it's also a time to enjoy with my kids, we dress up, sometimes I am the seamstress in charge of all the special requested costumes, sometimes we just buy them, this past year this is what we did
the little Miss and I baked some cake pops and lfet them ready for the kids to decorate

ain't she the sweetest candy corn, I could eat her up!

these were yummy!

check out this cool dude to greet you home

of course that is until he moved and freaked out the kids that though he was for show!
ahhh the bliss of having a creative teenager in da house!
helping light up the night

posing for the show

even dad wears orange, his fave color

before going out

with one adorable avenger to protect us on our candy hunt

and them for show

and all dressed up

and even though it was a school night, our crowd was small leaving the house, we only do this on the 31st!
So how is your Halloween, can't wait for your share!!!!
The winner of the Piña Colada ingredients is
Julie Tucker!!!!
Julie, please leave me a separate comment with your address, since I moderate comments it's perfectly safe, I won't publish it!


Shahrul Niza said...

That looks like fun!!. For a minute there, I thought the 'welcoming guy' was battery-operated, surely a hit for startling unsuspecting guest :). It really IS cool when you can sew all the costumes you like, I wish I could sew too. By the way, what ARE you going to be this Halloween??. Hugs.

Barbara said...

I love those cake pops! Halloween really isn't much around here (though my roommate and I used to have legendary parties back in those days...), it never really caught on. Anyhow, have fun!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Such fun photos!!! LOVING those cake pops!!!! And YAYYYYYYYYY me!! Thanks love!!!! Commenting my addy now :)

Ros Crawford said...

Great photos of your family ... You look like you really have fun! Sorry I had to miss this one ... Have a lovely week with those adorable children!

dawn said...

I love this HAPPY HALLOWEEN POST!! Wow, those costumes are all so cute, love the whole family involved in it. It's my favorite holiday, there is no stress and it's just fun for adults and kids. We have houses like yours on our trick/treat path, we love them. Sadly no one passes out candy on our street so we always go out for the candy part.
Enjoy your Halloween night this year! Thanks for sharing, really enjoyed this.

Audrey Pettit said...

Awww, too, too sweet, Milagros! Happy Halloween to you all!

Isbaha said...

They are so cute !

Unknown said...

So many wonderful photos my friend. Looks like you guys had an awesome Halloween. and those cake pops look so cute.

Happy November..


AppleApricot Wen said...

Oh wow Milagros, you guys really make a big party out of this, I'm impressed! Your children are so beautiful by the way. Great costumes too.