Woodlands OBW

Hi everyone, happy Sunday to you wherever you are, today's word at OBW is brought to you by Ros an it is woodland.
I'd thought about doing a different take about it, since mangrove forests in my view qualifies as woodlands!
Every Spring we head over to the South  West of the island off shore the town of Guánica to a small cay named Aurora, known by the locals as Gilligan's Island.  This small cay is covered almost to its entirety on mangroves, the grab on even to the shore as they are able to breath under water, lucky them!
I always marvel at their magnificent roots, at their "breather straw like roots" and their capacity to adapt and live in truly harsh {and salty} conditions.

This photo is part of my pieces on Google Earth , you can check my site at Panoramio, it is also one of the pieces chosen by the Puerto Rico Tourism company for their Gallery in Old San Juan
As you can see there's no sea shore here only channels where you can blissfully kayak and snorkel, it is amazingly beautiful to spend a day here!
Hope your travels one day take you up to my beautiful shores, 'til then



Audrey Pettit said...

Wow! Such an amazing sight! Truly spectacular. TFS!

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Milagros...those mangroves are pretty unique trees, we do have them around where I live too...your set of photos are stunning, great textures and colours. Have a great week cheers Robyn

Unknown said...

Great photos Milagros...they reminded me of when I was a girl walking through mangroves with friends and then as an adult taking students on an excursion....lots of fun!

Manuela said...

omg, the mangroves look so special, beautiful what the nature has for us.
Fantasic photos, I love to see all the different places on earth. Have a great week! Manuela

Ros Crawford said...

Wow!! Thanks so much for sharing these Milagros ... I've never seen anything like this ... superb!!

Mascha said...

I've never seen before mangrove forest - thanks for sharing :-)

Barbara said...

Fantastic pictures - and a great take on the prompt, too! No surprise the tourism board went with that one shot.

AppleApricot Wen said...

What a beautiful place!! Must be such a wonderful experience to kayak between those unique trees! I watched a tv documentary on mangrove forests and yes I'm in awe too, the way they survive the harsh conditions. Great post and photos!

Skye said...

Wonderful photos. Mangroves are amazing the way they survive in such inhospitable environments.

Mascha said...

Hi Milagros,
I'm the winner of your lovely giveaway, but I don't know, how send you a message with my adress postale.
Have added you on google+, butIi not understand, how it works... sorry :-(