Is our new prompt at Our Beautiful World this week.  Kirsty has chosen the word and I can't wait to see what it means to all of you.

I have chosen the ancient cobblestones of Old San Juan, since they have stood the signs of time, the cars, the history if it all.  I've heard of stories that said that cobblestones came in the big ships from Spain to be substituted for the weight of gold on their way back.  Makes you wonder how much they carried back from this little island once you walk this streets...
Old San Juan is a citadel, a walled city guarded by a fort built to protect the coasts from the invading ships from England and France, then the United States of America.
I once walked as a bride through the entrance gate, since I got married in the old Cathedral in Old San Juan

the gate now remains open to those who want to visit
that's my DD on the left, a while ago...
Strong doors that deterred pirates and invaders
Strong walls thet were never destroyed, do you see the thickness?

All over you can find the sentry towers that housed the soldiers that watched our coasts

they stood there watching

{This photo was taken by my friend Myriam at El Morro}

Strong forts

Strong, thick walls that have sustained the test of time and the strong waves of the Atlantic crashing through on a daily basis
So that is my strong and I can not wait to see yours!
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Shahrul Niza said...

This is a wonderful, beautiful fort!. I can imagine the most beautiful view out to the sea from the sentry and the surrounding. How neat that you'd been married here too, I bet people also picnic here :). Beautiful photos of the cobblestone which reminds me of the Dutch fort we have in Malacca, still standing strong against time :).

Lizzy Hill said...

Fabulous photos...& yes! So strong.....interesting to see around your AMAZING part of the world, too:):):)

Ros Crawford said...

A wonderful post with fabulous photos my friend ... BTW I didnt pick the prompt this week ... It's Kirsty's prompt!
Lovely to learn more about your part of the world ... thanks for sharing!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Awesome word and loveeeeeeeee your photos!!!

aspiritofsimplicity said...

what a beautiful, historic place. Very strong to have stood the test of time

Jacqueline said...

Beautiful pictures, so suited for this theme!

alexandra s.m. said...

Wow thank you so much for sharing Milagros!
I've enjoyed discovering a bit more about your neck of the woods and spot on for the definition of the word!

Unknown said...

I really loved reading about your STRONG.. Your photos are wonderful my friend.


Kirsty Vittetoe said...

You have some great picture that says STRONG there, wonderful take!

Audrey Pettit said...

What fabulous photos, and such rich history to go along! LOVE it, Milagros!

libbyquilter said...

wow~!!~VERY interesting~!!~
i love the look of a cobblestone street and your other photos were equally "strong".
great information too.

thanks for sharing and i hope that your week is going well.


My Creative House said...

Fantastic photos and if these strong stones could tell about the life that has been, all the feet that have walked on them, eonderful choice for the word Strong.
Hugs Anni

dawn said...

How lovely and strong that cobblestone is, would love to walk down that road. It's always nice to hear some history of places we live and visit, lots of strength in that.

I saw all the amazing and beautiful layouts above and love them. How do you get so much done and posting each week. You put a lot of work and details into each one. How sweet that one of your parents is!

Thanks so much for picking my birthday photo last week. I was so happy that was the perfectly timed prompt for that week. You made my day even brighter.

Have a great weekend!