CSI 112 Today's Story

Hi everyone last night we unveiled a new case at CSI, it's a gorgeous one with a beautiful inspiration in that bedroom in the photo!  I hadn't sit down and wrote about my recent ordeal at the store... I came in to find a flooded store.  A pipe from the bathroom broke over the weekend and the water was 5 inches deep. This is where all my scrapping is done and seeing all those papers floating by was heartbreaking to say the least.  Anywhoooo seeing the bright in every situation I thought it was the perfect moment to work with this Authentique collection and pleat my paper to my hearts content.  Taking inspiration from the CSI photo I decided to pleat my paper to resemble an unkempt bed, then I left it to dry until the next day and then worked my page.  And this is how it ended!

 For my scheme I used all 5 colors
For my evidence I went with patterned background behind my photo, the sheer glassine pocket behind my photo (also in evidence for my testimony), buttons and pleating
hope you can make time to work this glorious case and may you stay dry....



Ros Crawford said...

Oh my ... I'm so sorry to hear about the flooding ... But what an amazing page!! I love the effect of the paper and such a gorgeous photo!

Audrey Pettit said...

OMGosh, Milagros! I am so, so sorry to hear about the flooding! What a terrible ordeal and loss! All that paper! Really love how you turned that around on this page, though. The scrunched paper is really cool. And what a gorgeous photo!

Barbara said...

Oh no! So sorry to hear about the broken pipe - I can only start to imagine the disaster... But you really know how to make the best out of it - this page is absolutely stunning!