Road, OBW

Road is Wendy's chosen word for Our Beautiful World on this perfect Sunday!
I have missed you guys!!!!
Makes me want to take the keys and hop on to my car and just drive by...

This open road leads to the forest walls of El Yunque on the mountainside of Naguabo
 in Eastern Puerto Rico.  Up there in the mountains there is always rain that's why it is eternally covered in mist and fog.  Those beautiful oak trees framing the road will be blooming in pink pretty soon!

the mountains as seen from the road
definitely foggy up here...

Did you know bamboo grows here like it would in China, so so big, while the island was beginning the agriculture boom they were planted in many farms near the riverbanks to hold the soil in place.  They have grown into massive forests and I love the way they sound while the wind beats them, they creak and sway with it!

here's a peek of a dirt road in the farm
So we would love to see where your Roads lead you, do share!



Ros Crawford said...

What a lovely drive ... Love seeing your part of the globe!

AppleApricot Wen said...

What a magnificent country! Wow, so beautiful and green. Thanks for the tour :-)

Vikki said...

What lovely scenery. I love green probably because we don't see it all year round. Thanks for sharing.

Audrey Pettit said...

You sure live in some beautiful country, my friend! Wow!