OBW Fruit

Happy Sunday everyone, it's the beginning of a beautiful week and my turn to host the weeks prompt at
Being we are an eclectic group from all over the world I thought it would generate quite a few interesting shots from people around the world as they share their fruit!
Here's one of ours, the "caimito"

Since we have such glorious weather pulpy fruit comes as a second nature, on the side of the road you can find the freshest mangoes and pineapples, even watermelons and scrumptious bananas that are readily available the whole year
being big or small,  fruit markets have such an appeal to me that wherever I travel I just have to go visit one!

Sometimes though we have to wait for fruit to be in season and we are eager for their season to bear fruit
such is the case of caimitos, the wonderful fruit grows on a huge tree with golden leaves to the wind!

they are absolutely delicious

Another fave of mine is the " panapen" or breadfruit, as a matter of fact I planted this tree, years and years ago because I can't wait for summer when it comes in season and I want to eat it in all its savory glory

so be it savory, prickly, hairy, smooth and simply delicious I can't wait to see what you share with us at 



Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Milagros...fabulous topic and love your photos. I can honestly say I've never heard of a caimitos but I think I have seen them here in Australia but maybe we call them something else...well I just googled it and yes we call them star fruit and we actually had one growing when we lived in the Northern Territory - 15+ years ago. I love tropical fruit the best and our home in Townsville has two very large mango trees, and bananas...yum. Cheers and have a great week..loved reading your blog, Robyn

Unknown said...

Lovely fruits, I love "friyapen"(breadfruit) as we call it back in Seychelles!

Ros Crawford said...

Oh you lucky girl having that all year round ... And what a suer tree you planted! I have a greengage tree that bears fruit ... I don't really eat them much but I love to see it full ... Have a wonderful sunday

Manuela said...

Hi Milagros, i was looking forward to see your fruit shots because you live in a clime where fruits grow which I can only by imported. Love to see all your fruit photos. Also interesting to see the breadfruit and caimito i have never seen this fruits before and the mangos mmmhh yummy i love this fruit :-)
Wish you a sunny week!

Audrey Pettit said...

Absolutely LOVE posts like this because I get to see parts of the world I've never seen before! How exotic your fruits look and such beautiful country. TFS!

Barbara said...

Mmhh... That caimito looks good! How do you eat it, just raw? Or does it need some sort of processing? Great pictures, all of them!!