By the Seashore, OBW

Happy Sunday, it's a brand new week for us at Our Beautiful World! It's also Father's Day here in PR and the USA
Copa del Mundo y Día del Padre
this is the so adorable Google image to celebrate the World Cup and Father's Day! they have been having the cuuutest images day by day!  
This week Robyn chose the word Seashore as our prompt

this Instagram was taken at the South West point of the island a secluded and gorgeous beach near the
 Cabo Rojo lighthouse.  A Beautiful place, you can find high cliffs on the other side and I bet you it looks like a seashell from above because it is a cove!
And I had to share this night time shot of the Vieques island here in Puerto Rico as we have a bioluminiscent bay for your pleasure to see on a moonless night! As soon as the water moves it lights up!
And as you can see the sky is on fire as well when you take a trip to see this wonder they also tell you all the constellations in the sky because they are easily pinpointed!

Go and visit the teams pics so stunning you will love them! And do share with us your beautiful piece of the world



Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Milagros...lucky you to live by such beautiful beaches, they are very nice here in Queensland, Australia too...beautiful white sand and sparkling blue water. I love the sound of the waves and walking in the shallows, picking up shells and taking photos. That night photo is incredible...what a sight to see. Have a great week Cheers Robyn

Lizzy Hill said...

Amazing photos...especially that night time one.....amazing!!! Beautiful beach, too:):)

Ros Crawford said...

Oh that night shot is magnificent!! You live in a wonderful place ...

Manuela said...

wonderful picture and amazing night shot from this phenomenon.
I love also the blue water and the fine sand under the feet.
Wish you a great week, Manuela

Barbara said...

So... with these amazing shots of Puerto Rico... when can I come visit?!