Wohooo Post 200

 This is my daughter's work, she is just 6, I can tell you her frustration and her joy when she finally made it!     Of course I am going to enter her work at the Kraft Journal!

Now this is the mother / daughter combo, isn't it cool!!!


 Remember my bunny?  He's all finished now, here's a close up

And the full kiddo

Here he is in the "garden"..pay close attention to my blooms

 Here they are big time at the newspaper  "El Nuevo Dia" today: " A paper Garden", they look amazing all blown up, if you don't mind my saying.if you follow de link you can read the article!


jacirascrap said...

Ah! Que delícia de cestinhas!

Audrey Pettit said...

Awww, how fabulous your baskets are! And how talented your daughter. You tell her Audrey says she is amazing!! Love your bunny, too, and your entire sweet garden. Congrats on the newspaper article! And thanks for sharing this with us at The Kraft Journal. :)

Audrey Pettit said...

P.S.- Thanks for sharing your sweet Easter story with me today, too, Milagros! I love hearing about people's childhood memories. I'm so happy that you still have your childhood Easter basket. How precious these little tokens are. :)

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Pretty little basket, perfect for Easter!

Tracy said...

WOW she did an amazing job on her basket. Looks like talent runs in the family. Thanks so much for sharing it with us here at The Kraft Journal!

Unknown said...

Congrats on the article! Love your baskets and garden. I am sure you and your daughter will cherish the time you spent together too.

Unknown said...

We loved your baskets and story and so we are featuring your daughter's project (as well as your basket too) at The Kraft Journal for our Feature Me Friday post on April 22, 2011. Be sure to stop by the blog to pick up your Featured Artist button and thank you for entering your daughter's project at The Kraft Journal this week!

Unknown said...

Oh my, your daughter certainly has the same talent her mother has! I can easily see her little fingers working this gorgeous basket of hers and I just LOVE your bunny!!

Claribel said...

Ita Clary is so proud!

Sonia said...

Si no me equivoco de refran dice uno por ahi.. quien lo hereda no lo hurta, tu hija tiene ese don creativo y como no si mami tambien lo tiene. En horabuena, me alegro que la pongas a participar.
Las dos canastitas hermosas y delicadas.. Mucha suerte a las dos.
Hay tanta creatividad en muchos niños(as) que es tan bonito ver y poder apreciar.
Te felicito, nuevamente por otro reportaje acerca de ti y tu tienda.
Saludos, Sony

Claribel said...

This comment is for Mercedes:
Gorgeous work, really cute. Your basket is soooo beautiful, it looks very cool. Continue working with mom you are a good artist. God bless you. Ita Clary