CSI 120, This Boy

Happy Sunday again and second post today!
Last Friday we revealed case No. 120 at CSI
120 This Boy

I loved working this case I used a Gellyplate to create my background painting with a brayer. Then I stamped away. For my scheme I used all colours, for my evidence I used mixed media, gesso,wet medium, raindrop shapes and scribbles. For my testimony I chose to use journal buddies, quite fun actually I used the prompt write 4 things no one knows about you. Well this boy does;nt like to see anyone sad, so he'll make a clown of himself just to change that (it's been going on since he was 2 and found me crying one day, oddly he was such a comfort) so I am glad he is that way. He also has a way with words and is a poet, his rhyming is unparalleled (he discovered that when his Spanish teacher in 7th grade made him write some poetry)now his girlfriend is a lucky girl with all that he writes her!!!! and lastly he recently discovered he is really good at the piano with no lessons so far!

hope to see you play, your


Analia Cristina said...

Muy linda paginaldesborda alegria y verano,genial!

Lizzy Hill said...

Gee whizz - your bg work with the geli plate is AWESOME.....I really enjoyed this case file, too - the colours are yum....your boy sounds a wonderful lad...you are LUCKY!!!

Audrey Pettit said...

Such an awesome layout, Milagros! LOVE that background you created. I don't really know what the Gelli plates are, but I sure know this looks amazing. Love your raindrops. Really fabulous photo, too!

Barbara said...

What a boy! And what a project, too ;-)