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I'm baaack!!!!!! FINALLY I have my computer back and I hope it BEHAVES because I am sooo absolutely behind and so missing you all, OMG!!!! so much to share, but first things firts this weeks prompt over at Our Beautiful World was chosen by Manuela and it's a fun one:Animals
There's so much to say about the majestic beauty of a peacock

Ditto for their feathers!
Now I was supposed to be your host last week and my chosen word was textures so I had to share my textures with you even if belatedly 
Have you noticed how the word texture is appearing everywhere, like in the food network, in the house decorating channel and of course in the scrapbook world!
the different textures of concrete and the patina that time leaves

the textures of concrete vs metal

the textures of exposed bricks

and of course the textures of bark!
So do share your animals with us at

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Manuela said...

Hi Milagros
good to hear you are back :-))
Wow, the feathers of the peacock are soooo beautiful :-)) This bird is really majestic. The other photos are wonderful as well.
Have a great week. Manuela

betty-NZ said...

I know it's a sigh of relief to have your computer back! Peacocks are so wonderfully colorful and majestic. Your photos are wonderful. I like your textures, too, especially the brickwork.

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Milagros...glad you're back on line and wow what great pics of the texture prompt. And the peacock oh yes he's glorious...those shimmery colours are beautiful. Cheers and have wonderful week Robyn

Audrey Pettit said...

Such beautiful photos! Wow, you live in such a gorgeous place!

Ros Crawford said...

Welcome back!! And such terrific photos ... I LOVE your texture shots!

Barbara said...

So glad!! I've been missing you, too, and was getting worried... The peacock is incredible - such a stately bird! And the colors!

fim.works said...

Such a lot of great picture, Milagros! Most i like the first one, these colors ...