Hi everyone! I apologize for the late, late post...
Well here is my Fall for the prompt this week at  Our Beautiful World
yesterday was the official beggining of Fall and I can certainly say that the afternoon sun, was totally upon us and night just flew by.
Here in my little island you won't find any foliage change but the abundance of flowers and fruit make up for it.  September is not only a month for storms and hurricanes with it comes Cattleyas, those gorgeous huge orchids perfect for corsages
in singles and doubles

in buds, ready to burst

our fantastic bread fruits to fry or boil!

now see the scale

this is one strong tree!

more orchids

more fruit

more orchids

this is serious blooming time for us!

clear skies

beautiful greens

full sunshine perfect for a Sunday drive

or a Sunday game at the beach!

so my Fall is pretty close to Summer don't you think? Now show me yours and share it with us at



Audrey Pettit said...

How fun it is to see fall in your neck of the woods..and how amazing how absolutely different it is from fall here. LOVE your photos! You live in paradise, my friend!

Shahrul Niza said...

WOW, so many beautiful orchids!! Are they from your garden?. I wonder if that white orchids are where vanilla beans come from :). Yes, the bread fruit trees are mighty, I haven't had breadfruit snack for years!!. These are lovely photos, Milagros. Hugs.

Unknown said...

No Shahrul, the vanilla orchid is a wall/tree climber, the flowers are smaller and the leaf is very particular and different! Some orchids are from my garden and the others belong to my mom. The breadfruit was planted by me and now my daughter can pick fruit from it!

Unknown said...

So many wonderful photos.. Fall is definitely different there on the island. So Beautiful.

Lizzy Hill said...

Gorgeous!!! Love the beans & that beach fun photo....one day I will get a chance to join in...meanwhile I LOOOVE seeing what you girls have photographed:):):)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Gorgeous photos!!!!!

zenevak said...

Beautiful! What a wonderful place to live!

Barbara said...

I wouldn't recognize it as fall but it sure is beautiful!

Denise Price said...

It looks like paradise! Thanks for sharing Puerto Rico in the fall.

Jaye said...

Yes, your fall is much like summer! I'll bet it is beautiful there like that all the time!!!

Ros Crawford said...

Oh how wonderful your part of the world is ... thanks so much for sharing those gorgeous photos

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Fall photographs-what a lovely collection.Your Breadfruit is huge!
Best wishes,Nessa xxx

dawn said...

WOW!! These were all such GORGEOUS pictures!! What a beautiful place you live in, I'd be inspired everyday by the beauty! So neat seeing the differences in our fall seasons. ENJOY IT!!